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Learn about the work of the Coalition, and get involved with us. Email us or call us at 850-747-5400 (Ext. 114) if you are interested in sponsoring an event or volunteering with us.


ArtKidDoo is a collaborative effort between the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida, the Washington County Arts Council, childcare providers and local businesses to encourage awareness for the arts in young children. The event is normally held the first or second Saturday in April each year.

The community comes together for this free, 1-day event to offer hands-on arts and crafts as well as performance art by local artists, musicians, and vocalists. Businesses, civic organizations, non-profit and faith-based organizations are welcome to join as a vendor booth. The cost is free for vendors, and the Coalition asks that all vendors provide a hands-on art activity in which children and families can participate.

If you would like to participate as a vendor at ArtKidDoo, now is always a good time to email and let us know. Use the link below to email our staff regarding ArtKidDoo.

Rotary Read Aloud

What is the Rotary Read Aloud vision?

We envision a Northwest Florida where children receive world-class early education and care, thereby being fully prepared to learn upon entering kindergarten. This will become a reality because of a committed team of children, parents, volunteers, and professionals.

What is the Rotary Read Aloud Program?

Rotary Read Aloud is a partnership between the Rotary Club of Panama City and the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida.

The focus of this program is a reading day in which a Rotarian reads to pre-school children at their child care center or family child care home. On a typical reading day, a participating program will be visited by a volunteer Rotarian who will read a story book and then stay and talk with the children about the story and participate in extension activities that relate to the story. In addition to reading, the Rotary club donates a copy of the book they read to each child care center library so the story can be enjoyed again and again by the children. This creates a positive role model for children; they see a member of the adult community outside the school system committed to literacy and reading, and find a new and interesting selection of books with in their library.

The Coalition provides participating providers with take-home activity packs that encourage family involvement that children and parents can explore together! Families check out backpacks on Friday and return on Monday. Inside each pack, is a delightful paperback book and parent response card to encourage at-home reading plus all the materials for two corresponding activities.