VPK Contracting

2017/2018 VPK Contract Renewal Information

VPK contract renewal time is here. Below you will find links to the forms for VPK. Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) are due June 19 to be guaranteed for prepayment. Providers who would like a roster on the first day of school should ensure COEs are submitted prior to July 10.

Instructions for Forms OEL-VPK 10, 11A, & 11B 04-30-10

New VPK Provider Contracts for Fall 2017

Form OEL-VPK 20 (October 2016) — New for Fall 2017
Form OEL-VPK 20PP (October 2016) — New for Fall 2017
Form OEL-VPK 20PS (October 2016) — New for Fall 2017

We are in the middle of the conversion to the new OEL Provider Portal. Several features will become available on June 30. These new features will require providers to build the VPK Application in the new OEL Provider Portal prior to start of the VPK Program.

Because providers must have an approved contract prior to school start, please submit the paper forms and contract as soon as possible. This will allow you to begin submitting COEs and enrolling children in your program. All paper forms should be submitted through the Coalition Document Exchange (previously “provider portal”). Please name documents as in previous years so that required documents can be easily identified. Naming documents appropriately will be helpful when you upload in the new OEL Provider Portal.

Once the online VPK Application features are open, providers will have to compete the VPK Application process in the OEL Provider Portal and submit required documents prior to July 21.

Once you have submitted your contract, do not forget to log in to the Bright Beginnings website to order Replacement VPK Assessment Kit materials.

**Remember: Programs must have four children enrolled on the first day of school in order to be a valid VPK Program.**

Step-by-Step VPK Contracting Instructions (in EFS User Guide)

Below is a link to the newly published EFS User Guide.  Step-by-step instructions for VPK Contracting in the OEL Provider Portal can be found on pages 60-71.  If you have questions or concerns, please email redline@elcnwf.org.